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Extraordinary Yachting

Be unique!

Body tattoos has been already seen for long time, changing current by the time: minimalistic, abstract, realistic and so on... but certainly there is not one tattoo like another one.

They're impressed on skin, on cars, furniture, clothes, building and various items, to make them unique, easy recognizable. More and more often now is possible to step out of the crowd and choose or add patterns and details to personalize what is around us.

The Vripack designed “Dardanella” is a perfect example of unique yachting. This research vessel roams the seven seas with a mission quiet as unique as her paint job. The owners think further than just enjoy yachting. They created a platform, the TBA 21 Academy, for giving back knowledge to science, art and the condition of the ocean.

A striking appearance appropriate to a remarkable mission!

Design by The Superyacht Agency

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